Window 2

The second day with a non-traditional Christmas ornament but a wonderful colorful one.

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Are you ready for round 2? Here we go!

Since my trip to Mexico I do have a rather warm relationship with the country. In the past years, I also realized that the traditions grow more popular in Germany including the Day of the Dead, of course. Therefore there was no question of creating an ornament with a skull even though it is no winter or Christmas motive. Nonetheless, I like this ornament a lot.


Use the basic pattern from window 1.

Knit in one color until (and including) round 13 then start with the pattern. I repeated the pattern 4 times to create 4 skulls, but you could also do it just one or two times, just as you like.

The white part of the skull is knitted in as an intarsia, the other colors are stitched onto it as a duplicate stitch.

Due to the stitching, the ornament takes a while longer than the last one, but will be quite colorful. 🙂


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