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Did you ever join a link party? I have and here is why you should to and how easy it is to participate. Also: A new section on my blog just for this topic.

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Die you ever join a link party?

In June, I participated in “Auf den Nadeln” by She even mentioned my project in her article about it (Many thanks for this!).

A link party is basically a chance to inspire others and get inspired by others. Furthermore, you have the chance of discovering new and amazing blogs.

Participation is also quite easy. First, you write a post about the creation you’d like to share. Just as you would do anyway. Then, go to the website of the host of the link party and share your post. Every host has his own rules and regulations but in general you just have to backlink to the link party’s website. Some even have a button banner created that you can add to your post or in your sidebar. You can find some examples at the end of this article.

For I while I thought about participating in one or the other link party. Yet it never felt quite right to put them in between of my “normal” blog postings. So I decided to add a new section on my blog where I from now on and (hopefully) regularly post all articles for link parties. You can find it from now on in the menu section.

If you search for it, you will find a huge amount of link parties on the net. Here, you have an overview of the ones I used for my main post image with links to the websites:

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