Confession: I am a Geekette

Geekette, Sonstiges

Geeksisters asked to admit your geekiness. So these are my answers to those questions. Enjoy. 🙂 1. What makes you a geek? First of all my work, obviously: Web development. It is impossible to not be a bit geeky in this field. Everywhere you can find some references, with your colleagues, while reading occupational articles. But this is just

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DIY business cards with Washi Tape

Basteln, Geekette, Tutorial

Last Saturday I was at the GeekGirlMeetup in Berlin. (Well, I am a web developer after all, right?!) The last time I was at an event like that, I was asked for business cards again and again. Of course that makes sense even in our technical world. It is still one of the easiest and fastest ways

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