#bloghug: Berlin Reified

Blog Love, Sonstiges

At the end of January, the wonderful Holly of decor8 invited to a new round of a hashtag party. This time she asked to hug a blogger. The main reason is to show a blogger you adore, that you as a reader are present. Even if you have seldom time to add a meaningful comment under their posts.

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Happy New Year 2013


End of the year resolutions are not really my thing. But a close look back to the ups and downs and the on-goings of the past year is always a good idea.
So read here my answers to 35 questions to the year 2012.

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Confession: I am a Geekette

Geekette, Sonstiges

Geeksisters asked to admit your geekiness. So these are my answers to those questions. Enjoy. 🙂 1. What makes you a geek? First of all my work, obviously: Web development. It is impossible to not be a bit geeky in this field. Everywhere you can find some references, with your colleagues, while reading occupational articles. But this is just

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Trying new things

Makramee, Sonstiges, Stricken

The first time I was introduced to knitting, I was on a study trip for 4 weeks in Denmark. That was 2005. Well, that is not actually true. My mother always used to knit at home. But she liked crocheting always better than knitting, so I rather did that as well and was never really

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Outdoor Knitting and other confessions

Sonstiges, Stricken

When I was young, I was embarrassed by everything I did publicly. Starting with reading my mangas (a 15-year old reading Sailor Moon, what would people say!) to going alone for a walk, not to mention telling I am going hiking with my parents instead of to the beach, or mentioning that I have a

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