WWKIP – A review

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A surprise visit, a lot of coffee, teaching experiences and good friends. In my opinion the WWKIP was a huge success.

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To be honest, I did not expect anyone to be quite that early, but of course I should have been there on time.
So, when I left home and read Mamas message, “How is your knitting thing going? Have you already started?” I was set aback.


I answered her that no, it hadn’t started yet, but I was on my way.

Ten minutes of bike riding and wondering how, when, why did she know and ask about it? She wouldn’t have, would she now… ?

But yes, she would! I arrived at the café and there Mama was. Waving.

What a wonderful surprise. We hadn’t really talked about this day, but she read about my plan for the WWKIP on my blog and followed the link to the Facebook event. Deciding one day earlier that she didn’t want to spend the afternoon alone in my hometown while Papa was working, she bought a train ticket and here she was! What a lovely start into the day and I had my first – if not the best 😉 – WWKIP companion to join into the knitting.


We chatted, we drank coffee, and, obviously, we knitted.

I first of tried to finish my name tag designed especially for this day. But as it happened, work and social life kept me too busy to finish it beforehand. Luckily there were only a few rows missing. Meanwhile Mama was busy with her raglan project.

After, I concentrated solely on my summer sweater. After another week of working on it I am roughly 80% done. Another week and I hopefully will be able to finally wear it.


Around noon, my friend Rike showed up. She didn’t come for the knitting but rather for a bit of company. Mainly because she brought her four-year-old son, who once upon the time I gave a crocheted blanket as a present. How time flies! So knitting was out of the question for her. Still, we enjoyed her company while watching her lively boy blowing bubbles into the sunlight.

And what a warm day it was indeed! After another friend of mine joined, we decided to move inside and get a cool down.

Then it happened. New people came along. People I did not know before. That was what I was waiting and hoping for, seeing who else is into this knitting thing, making new acquaintances and sharing experiences.

But oh! We realized: They did not know how to knit! Only this is no problem for us, is it?

Mama and I got our spare needles and yarn out to show these newbies a bit of the fun stuff. You know, the easy parts: Cast ons and basic knit stitches. Just the first steps of the game. My favorite part was the moment after breaking down the cast on and telling them: And now we learn how to actually knit.

“What? This is not it yet?!”

It was so much fun and thank you so much for your patience guys! I figured that I am not as bad in teaching as I always thought I was. Whew. What a relieve.


After that it got quieter. Mama and I were again the only two, watching the rain coming in and moving closer to the open side doors. The afternoon was finally giving us a bit of fresh air amongst the humid day.

At last, my favorite Spaniard came along to pick us up. But before he too had to go through a few rows of beginners knitting which he wanted to try anyway. So why not today.

We left the café around five, exhausted, happy, satisfied.

I did not know how the day would turn out, never having organized something like this before and worried I would sit by myself for seven hours drinking too much coffee. So thank you all who joined in and commented on the event, thank you Café RÀubertochter for hosting us (and the amazing spinach quiche! Wow!) And above all: Thank you Mama for your spontaneous trip to Berlin to make that day very special to me.

I hope you had all as much fun as I did.

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